ZuluMafia f/ Tantra Zawadi & Dana Byrd ~ Healing Magic (Suges Remix)

Charted by Traxsource officially in both their Essential Afro and Hype Chart, this analog-synth-heavy remix is available on Traxsource and Apple Music. Designed to be “hypnotic” in a good way (in order to provide you with healing magic!), the effect was achieved by using a Moog Minitaur to do the bassline…crucially, it was purposely kept a little sharp…

Big Moses f/ Michelle Ayers ~ Joy (Suges Remix)

Charted four times and featured on Traxsource‘s Soulful Essentials list, this is the first time I remixed a “classic house” track. And probably the last; wasn’t nobody feeling this one. Get it on Traxsource.

Triplet ~ Arpunzel (Suges Chillwave Remix)

Last of the Chilled Waves And this is the last of the three chillwave joints I did. This one never came out (chillwave died before we even finished this record) so I don’t know. Enjoy.

The Soul Motivators ~ Until The Sun Goes Down (Suges Chillwave Remix)

Chillwave Is Dead, So Here’s Some Chillwave Now that everyone seems to be in agreement that chillwave is dead, turns out I actually made a trilogy of chillwave remixes. I found out about the scene really, really late (because I eat, breathe, and shit house music) and decided to try my hand at it…and by…

Meropa Park ~ Live A Lil’ (Suges Remix)

Definitely my biggest remix in a long time…charted 19 times when it came out! Say what now? Funkateers will notice this is the first time I successfully slipped in a funk synth melody line into a house track. (Tried many times before but no one was diggin’ it.) I didn’t even realize this: I guess when…

Konkrete Jungle (Suges & Martino 2013 Definitive Remix)

One of my favourites: we used the toughest of all synthesis methods–FM synthesis–and programmed all these sounds from scratch, and then used them to put together this remix. Nothing but FM son!

This is the 2013 remake we made for JakDat records. Gave us a chance to clean up the recordings, lay down a new beat, re-EQ a bit, and extend it. We laid down the vocals we always wanted to do, but couldn’t sing well enough (now there’s autotune!). Plus some piano at the end, so you know that yes, the riff IS good on its own, not just a harmonic trick. Ha.

Sacha ~ I Can’t Pretend (Suges Remix)

Strangely one of the few remixes I did that actually hit here at home in the six instead of elsewhere; I may never know why! Could be the fine people of Toronto like their music to the point and stripped down, and this is one of my barest productions ever: mainly just drums and a…