Suges ~ We Belong To The Night (Cee ElAssaad Voodoo Remix) charted 18 times!

The cats at Italy’s Double Cheese Records approached me about four months ago about doing a remix album of one of my biggest records of all time, We Belong To The Night. It’s been a long time since I thought about that track, let alone heard it, so I of course said, “Sure!”

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 4.33.49 PM

It’s out now, and as you can see here, Cee ElAssaad‘s remix is levelling the charts. The track remains to this day the only “spoken word” song I’ve ever made, and I’m glad to see the words still resonate so strongly with people…and that producers are still interested in revisiting it!

Check it out right here:

New Suges track "The Human Race" almost done

A new, deep and very melancholy original full vocal with an unrelenting commentary on the current state of affairs on the lack of human unity, co-operation, and compassion in the pursuit of money, Suges and his crew went in to the glorious facilities of Imprint Music and the deft engineering skills of Lance Schibler.

Featuring the vocals of model, actress, and singer Alina, this is her first foray into the  world of deep house. She did a fine job laying in strong leads and very lush background layers.

We know it’s been a long wait but hopefully this new one hits you in the right spot!

Suges & Nadine ~ Falling In Love Again

I’m pleased to announce my first original production in three years!

If you’re a real fan, throw us a couple bucks here:

Buy Suges & Nadine ~ Falling In Love Again on Traxsource

(and thanks to everyone who’s bought it thus far; seriously: thank you)

Or listen to it on Apple Music? We get paid a bit for that:

Suges & Nadine ~ Falling In Love Again on Apple Music

(There used to be some YouTube videos of this I was linking to but looks like they all got taken down.)

Writing and execution

I’ve been wanting to work with Nadine for a long time. Seems like this highly talented singer has worked with damn near everyone in Toronto except the Northern Lord of the Deep?!?! Hahah. I’m playing; we’re good friends going back years.

I had the production on the song specifically for her done for some time, but I was blocked on the lyrics. So this song is unique in it’s my first original that I actually co-wrote with the vocalist! Quite pleased with the results; we stuck to the “book” motif consistently without, I think, stretching it too far just to stay in theme.

Suges & Nadine working out vocal harmonies

Nadine insisted we record this in a real studio, which normally–at least when it comes to house music–I’m against, since the profit margin on these releases is so low. What I didn’t realize was how much cheaper studio time’s gotten over the years, and how much just being in the studio environment adds to the vibe and emotions of everyone involved, resulting in a much better vocal delivery and heightened creativity to develop things (such as vocal harmonies and maybe even new lyrics) on the fly.

Lance working the console at Imprint Music

Production notes

This particular production was composed in Reason and finished in Logic. I used Reason for the drums (Kong), the two Rhodes’ (Radical Keys), the piano (Radical Piano), the quasi-vocal pad (Predator), the bassline (Antidote), the secondary synth-horn (PX7), and the secondary pads (Parsec).

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 11.52.31 AM.JPG
Look at that rack!

Rounding out the production with outboard gear, the synth-flute was provided by a Moog Little Phatty, the arpeggiator pattern played on an Arturia Minibrute, and the main silky, smarmy, synth-horn type thing (that follows Nadine’s melody on the pre-choruses) brought to you by the Novation Bass Station II.

All the stems were bounced out of Reason and imported into Logic so I could use my Universal Audio plugins to finish up the mix, sweetening it and warming it up a bit with some Neve EQ and Ampex tape action.

Working with Harley & Muscle again

It was nice to work with the label I started on again. We haven’t done records together in years! They were supportive of the project, gave good feedback, and didn’t waste any time getting the record out to the people.

Suges & Deon Nathan ~ Midnight Woman

Charted four times and included in Traxsource’s Soulful Essential 20, this was mine and Deon Nathan‘s second production together where we tried to push our R&B+deep house sound forward in a new direction. Also with very special guest drum programming by the 6ix’s own Guerilla Science crew! Available on Traxsource, Apple Music, or right here:

Suges ~ We Belong To The Night

The song we started Soulstream Records with became a serious anthem around the world…and became my most-sampled/stolen/interpolated song of all time. We used to find songs ripping off my licks on our own…then fans started emailing us about them…then once we got past 20 we just stopped counting. What can I say? ‘Glad it inspires you, fellow producers!’ hahah.

But, like, did anyone listen to the damn words I wrote? It’s supposed to be the “deep house manifesto”. Meh. No one listens to words, I know.

Grab it at the Suges Music StoreTraxsource, or Apple Music.

On this eve we solemnly declare
In celebration with dance and drum,
Melody and voice:
We belong to the night.

We have been elsewhere,
Seen other things,

But none were good and pure
Like the night.

And when others ask,
“What is it about the night
That consumes us so?”
We are at a loss for words.
Apologizing for the cliche we answer,
“It’s a spiritual thing,

A communal thing,
A tribal thing.”

Free men and women,
Willing slaves only to the drum.
Far from a heathen rite,

We dance in unison before God,
To celebrate the life and mobility
With which He has blessed us.

To display with pride
That we unite despite our differences,
We unite because of our differences,
And that we have not–and will never–

Let the negativity of the world beset us,

Because we belong to the night.

The others? They’ll never understand.
As they blindly chase their symbols
Of greed and self-hatred,

Wage war upon one another
And gloat over their small victories.

And wonder (alone in the night)
Why they feel so empty,

So discontented,
So unfulfilled.

Be ever wary, for they will try
To put you down, turn you away,

Convince our way of life is hedonistic,


They will convince themselves the only things
That bring us together are drugs and sex.

And the will go through life
Learning nothing,
Changing nothing,

Loving nothing,
Meaning nothing.

But not us,
We remain strong.

The last line of defence.
The disciples of dance,
The partisans of unity.

Across the lines of faith and colour,
Gender and orientation,

Belief and creed,

We belong to the night.