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Just got a f1.8 lens. Good times.

Good times.


Back off, meteorite. No one messes with our moon. 

(Also, I wish I had happened to be looking at the moon when this occurred because the article says it lasted 8 seconds and was visible to the naked eye. I might have freaked out just a bit, but it would’ve been cool.)

Clearly the meteorite didn’t get the memo on which planet that moon was orbiting. That there’s Earth: home of the universe’s most dangerous sentient species. I mean. They strap wheels on a perpetually-exploding bomb and use that to travel around. Don’t even ask them how they get to space.

Feeling the Logic X action! Props to @teesolomon for the heads up! #deephouse #logicx #comingsoon


Suges and the GBO: Act Like You Know

Just some fun, not-so-modern ModernFunk to tide you over ‘till my next real rekkid is ready!

Funky ish.

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Last of the Chilled Waves

And this is the last of the three chillwave joints I did. This one never came out (chillwave died before we even finished this record) so I don’t know. Enjoy.

My latest remix is out on Harley & Muscle's Soulstar Records: Soul Fortune featuring Ronnie Canada "Missing You". Check for the ubiquitous Suges Remix!

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Suges & Deon Nathan,
SSR-026: In Love Again

More Chillwave

Here’s the second of the three chillwave tracks I made.

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Chillwave Is Dead, So Here’s Some Chillwave

Now that everyone seems to be in agreement that chillwave is dead, turns out I actually made a trilogy of chillwave remixes. I found out about the scene really, really late (because I eat, breathe, and shit house music) and decided to try my hand at it…and by the time I got it right? The scene was over. Seems the gods want me to stick with house. Anyways, here’s the first of the three I did. I blame the death of chillwave on its ridiculous genre name. I always liked “underwater” better.

Up next: Deep Xcape - Never Too Busy (Suges Remix) #DeepHouse

Been a long time coming: Lars Behrenroth Deeper Shades label presents Meropa Park: Liv A Little, the Suges Remix. Out now on Traxsource! #DeepHouse #SouthAfrica

Check it out on Traxsource!